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the founder and visionary behind New Hampshire Concussion Center and your answer to concussion recovery and restoring your quality of life

I really had no idea I'd end up here, but I now know why it had to be this way

My mom had already taken me to every doctor under the sun for my chronic migraines & sinus infections with no relief. At the age of 14, she took me to a Chiropractor as a “last resort”. I literally walked into her office vomiting and left feeling almost “normal”. After a year of Chiropractic care, my symptoms were gone.
This experience truly changed my life.


I made it my mission to help others who struggled with the similar issues I had, and began pursuing a career in Chiropractic. This lead to opening a family chiropractic practice in 2011. Over the years the practice evolved based on my continual pursuit of knowledge about holistic healing and the experiences I had in practice,

My story really began after one pivotal experience with a patient.

A female basketball player presented to my office with a concussion from basketball. She was a straight "A" student and now was getting "F’"s. She was unable to return to playing, which affected her social life and developing sense of self.

Passionate about helping others

I treated her for her concussion symptoms (brain fog, headaches, dizziness) and to my surprise she only felt mild improvement. Usually my patients experience significant improvement. This left me totally stumped, especially when she also mentioned that the other practitioners she was seeing weren’t having much success either?!

Something deeper must be going on.


sad basketball player
woman walking

I knew there had to be an explanation, and I was not going to quit until I found it.

As a health care provider and parent, I initially felt helpless! What if one of my young children experienced something similar. That’s when it dawned on me, I needed to advance my doctorate degree and immerse myself in studying clinical neuroscience and brain injury. This journey led to 7 years of post-doctorate training with world-renowned Carrick Institute, Kharrazian Institute, Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences & Rehabilitation, and the Brain Injury Association of America.  During that time, I had the incredible opportunity to work at Project Walk Ability Center in Stratham, NH where I treated many individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries as well as a multitude of other neurological conditions.

Something New Hampshire really needed.

I have seen significant improvements in many patients that received a comprehensive chiropractic brain-based approach to resolving their brain injury symptoms.

But New Hampshire residents did not have a center exclusively providing a brain-based chiropractic approach to concussion care -
until now!


I'm on a mission

I have had success helping patients with post-concussion syndrome  decrease their dizziness and vertigo, decrease frequency and duration of their headaches, improve their memory, focus, and concentration, improve their balance, stability and gait, and so much more.

If you have post-concussive symptoms that have not improved despite your best efforts with other care providers, let's talk! 

Dr. Denise

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

I am about
I'm all about

Personalized care,
Going above and beyond, Embracing possibilities with sound clinical neuroscience, Empowering you

Not about
I'm not about

Cutting corners, Telling you it's "all in your head", Band-aid fixes,
Cookie cutter protocols


The perfect



Hands holding brain
  • You are an adult:
    who has persistent concussion symptoms due to a recreational activity, sport or at-home accident/fall
  • You are experiencing:
    memory loss, issues focusing, brain fog, headaches/migraines, overwhelm, feeling disorganized, lack of motivation, dizzy or fatigue
  • You want:
    your life back to "normal", to be happy again, less scattered, the symptoms to go away, do your regular activities,  play with your kids, not feel exhausted, and get back to exercising
  • You are prepared to:
    fully commit to a comprehensive concussion recovery program, to make necessary lifestyle changes, to do your home brain-based exercises, to make yourself and your care a priority

Concussion Programs

The brain is complex but your concussion care doesn't have to be.

Imagine dramatically reducing lingering concussion symptoms and start feeling like yourself again. You know you were meant to make a. greater impact in the world. So, now is the time to work with a highly trained brain injury specialist and make that happen.

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